Markforged 3D Printers

Own the Best in High-Strength 3D Printing

Markforged’s Mark Two Industrial Strength 3D Printer is the only 3D printer on the market today that gives you the ability to go from CAD to strong, stiff parts you can trust to meet your design goals.

  • Faster and Cheaper Than Outsourcing Parts
  • Selection of Ultra High-Strength Materials
  • 3D Output with Incredible Precision
  • Easy-to-use Touchscreen Interface

High-Strength Printing

By reinforcing your parts with composite fiber while 3D printing them, The Mark Two achieves unparalleled strength, stiffness and durability in its printed parts.

Range of Materials

In addition to printing Onyx, the Mark Two prints materials that no other 3D printer can, like Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass and Kevlar.


Markforge has built it’s own 3D printing software that comes with The Mark Two. Printing a part to be flexible or strong is easy and intuitive.

The Power of Carbon-Fiber

Aerospace Quality Parts for Any Project

The incredible strength of carbon fiber comes from the long, continuous strands that carry load down the entire part. This is why space shuttles, rockets, and Formula 1 cars are constructed from continuous strand carbon, and it’s how the Mark Two prints.

Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, and Fiberglass can all be used to reinforce parts for broad range of end-use applications. This level of added strength and rigidity puts MarkForged printers in a class of their own.

Entrescan is a proud Authorized Reseller of Markforged printers and we're ready to help you take your products to the next level.

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