3D Scanning

Powerful 3D Scanning

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Need a CAD file for a legacy part you can’t find anywhere else? Need complex measurements to model that precise fit? You can leave your calipers where they are. We have the 3D scanning tools to get the job done.

3D Scanning

Whether you’re looking to take a leap onto the cutting edge or are just testing the waters, our in-house scanning technicians can get you pointed in the right direction. Here’s a quick look at the products and services we offer:

Geomagic Control

An industrial solution for quick and accurate measurements of complex parts for quality control

Geomagic Wrap

A simple yet, powerful tool that lets you go from point clouds to water tight mesh to solid body in no time.

Geomagic Design X

A robust program that lets you model on top of scan data for precise reverse engineering.

Geomagic Capture

Small, portable structured light scanner that’s built for the Geomagic software suite and ready to use out of the box.

Scanning Services

You bring in what you want scanned and our techs make it happen.

3D Scanning lets you:

  • Start making existing parts with Advanced manufacturing technologies

  • Save modeling time on complex organic shapes

  • Quickly and precisely analyze parts for quality control

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